This book treats and explains the provisions of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) with due regard to the interplay and dynamics of the Mindanao peace process, the peace agreements, the Philippine Constitution and autonomy laws. It is hoped that this work can contribute to the greater understanding of the BOL and the development of the Philippine Constitution and laws as instruments for sustainable peace and development in southern Philippines.

IAG has partnered with National Democratic Institute (NDI) to facilitate the emergence of well-functioning and inclusive political parties in the Bangsamoro region by providing capacity-building support to existing and emerging regional political parties.

This national conference provided the platform for key leaders and stakeholders from the BTA, local government units, relevant national agencies, experts and CSOs to dialogue on critical issues around regional and local autonomy in the BARMM and Intergovernmental relations between national, regional and LGUs. The discussions are particularly relevant in the ongoing discourse on constitutional changes including the shift to a federal Philippines, the implementation of the Mandanas ruling, and the decentralization of governmental functions to LGUs.

Western Basilan Alliance (WBA) is the first inter-LGU cooperation in Basilan Province and is being capacitated by the Spanish aid agency AECID-funded MILAB 2 Project, implemented by the Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) in partnership with the provincial and selected municipal governments.

What can the new Bangsamoro region expect from our presidential bets? What do they have in store for its people, including non-Moro IPs, women, youth, and the LGBT? Join us in this special pre-election forum organized by the Institute for Autonomy & Governance and International Alert Philippines in cooperation with ANC, Rappler, and PressOne.PH.

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