The training center is designed to provide quality, safe and healthy learning environment that meets the challenges of delivering effective and innovative capacity building courses and programs at this time of global pandemic. 

Articles and publications uploaded after 19 November 2020 are unreachable at the moment. Our team is working to resolve this technical issue.

Kusog Mindanaw is a platform of dialogue among Mindanao leaders and thinkers since 1995. Its advocacy has focused on the region's equitable share in the budget and representation in national government, good governance, inclusive growth, and sustainable peace and development.

Western Basilan Alliance is the first inter-LGU cooperation in the province and is being capacitated by the Spanish aid agency AECID-funded MILAB 2 Project, implemented by the Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) in partnership with the provincial and selected municipal governments.

The BOL re-engineered the Bangsamoro government structure and electoral processes to increase incentives for political parties, rather individuals running for office particularly for the BARMM Parliament.

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