Manila, Philippines - February 27, 2024 - The Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG), in partnership with the Southeast Asian Women Peace Mediators (SEAWPM) and with support from the Australian Government, hosted an international workshop on "Representation, Inclusion, and Intergovernmental Relations in Post-Conflict Governance Institutions: Lessons from Selected Asian Cases."


The workshop, held on February 20, 2024, at Seda Manila Bay Hotel, brought together over 45 participants from diverse backgrounds. These included representatives from the international community, experts, academics, civil society organizations (CSOs), national government agencies, and the Bangsamoro Government.


Sharing Experiences, Building Solutions:

The workshop facilitated dialogue and knowledge exchange between representatives from two distinct groups:

  • Countries that have undergone major institutional changes following peace agreements (Nepal, Aceh province in Indonesia, and the Bangsamoro region in the Philippines).
  • Countries currently seeking solutions to ongoing conflicts through alternative governance structures (Myanmar and Southern Thailand).


Key Discussion Points:

  • Building Consensus: The workshop delved into the process of creating and gaining agreement on new governance structures, drawing from the experiences of Nepal, Aceh, and the Bangsamoro region.
  • Sharing Best Practices: Countries like Myanmar and Southern Thailand shared insights into their ongoing efforts to design and implement alternative governance structures for conflict resolution.
  • Addressing Critical Issues: Panel discussions explored crucial topics in post-conflict governance, including inclusion and representation within legislative bodies, and mechanisms for effective intergovernmental relations.


Deepening the Dialogue:

Following the panel discussions, breakout groups allowed participants to engage in more focused discussions and share valuable lessons from their respective contexts. The workshop concluded with a historical tour of Old Manila and a dinner gathering to further foster connections and collaboration.


This international workshop provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, contributing to the ongoing journey towards peaceful and inclusive governance in various Asian regions.