From IAG and UP Institute of Islamic Studies, this study aims to present a preliminary picture of the Balik-Islam phenomenon in the Philippines and to propose appropriate responses by government and non-government organizations.

Civil society organizations from mainland BARMM took part in a 2-day training on the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 and human rights protection in Iligan City last 1-2 August 2021.

AMIN Rep. Amihilda Sangcopan submitted House Resolution No. 1926 enjoining the Committee on Indigenous Cultural Communities and Indigenous Peoples to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the struggles of various indigenous tribes in the BARMM areas.

The overall goal is to enhance indigenous peoples’ rights in the Philippines by contributing to a situation where indigenous communities have empowered advocates who can demand rights, and where institutions responsible for upholding these rights have the knowledge and skills to respond to such requests to effectively fulfill their mandates.

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