Members of marginalized communities from all over the Bangsamoro attended a 3-day Basic Orientation on Political Party Building from July 11 to 13 held at Acacia Hotel in Davao City. The participants to the activity are all women representing the island provinces, youth sector, and Indigenous communities in the Bangsamoro.

One of the IAG’s current projects, the Bangsamoro Inclusive Political Party and Policy Development project, aims to strengthen new and existing political parties, as well as to increase dialogue and foster stronger partnerships among civil society, political parties, women, and Indigenous Peoples.

The 3-day activity included topics such as the political landscape in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, the structure and composition of the Bangsamoro Parliament, salient features of the Bangsamoro Electoral Code, political party building 101, and advancing women’s leadership in political parties, among others.

Speakers to the activity were: BTA Member of Parliament Atty. Ishak Mastura, Election lawyer Atty. Emil Marañon, AKBAYAN’s spokesperson Dr. Raymond John Naguit and April Deloso Caballero, and political consultant Lambert Ramirez.

The overall goals of the project include strengthening small BARMM political parties and improving partnerships between political parties and marginalized groups, especially women and Indigenous communities.