DELACSE Bangsamoro

The Democratic Leadership and Civil Society Empowerment in the Bangsamoro (DELACSE Bangsamoro) is a project funded by the European Union and jointly managed by the Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)-Philippines. It aims to contribute to the peaceful transition and democratic functioning of the proposed new autonomous Bangsamoro political entity.
This project stemmed from the strong demand from civil society organisations and political groups for sustained political and civic education in Bangsamoro in order to instill critical thinking and develop the skills of civil society in order to adeptly participate in democratic processes. They realized that the Bangsamoro constituency needs to be informed about the unfolding political changes in the region so that they can objectively make informed decisions on every issues and challenges confronting them. To achieve this goal, the project will work with CSOs and political groups who are actively involved in peace-building and political reforms by developing leadership capacity so that they can effectively direct their respective organisations, their immediate constituencies, and the general public to work for peace and democratic governance. Furthermore, the project will emphasize the participation of marginalized segments of society like women, youth and indigenous peoples to make sure that these groups and sectors are not left out, in terms of participation, representation and inclusion of their agenda in the process of shaping the Bangsamoro community and the future government.
The project is currently on its second phase of implementation which will run for twenty four (24) months, starting August 2018 until July 2020. This continuity project builds on the results of the preceding phase and of another EU-funded project, the Democratic Party Development (DEPAdev)-Bangsamoro, an 18-month undertaking also by KAS and IAG. DEPAdev centered on building genuine programmatic political parties, in preparation for a future autonomous Bangsamoro government which provides greater opportunity for the participation of political parties.


ENPOLD Bangsamoro

The Enhancing Political Dialogue for Inclusive Peace in the Bangsamoro or EnPolD Bangsamoro is a 3-year project that provides a credible arena for political dialogue to build consensus and ownership of the political reforms and peace process as key to sustainable and inclusive peace.

The project facilitates the political dialogue between the Bangsamoro and national political institutions including advocates and study groups on federalism to ensure that charter changes and/or the shift to a federal system are means to implement and not to decimate the gains of Moro autonomy and peace agreements.  

EnPolD shall expand, build, and learn from the Pro-Politics Project (Promoting Political Climate and Stability for Peace in the Bangsamoro) that IAG implemented under the BASIC program of DFAT Australia to build the support of Local Government Units (LGUs) to the implementation of the GPH-MILF peace agreement.

EnPolD will continue to engage the LGUs and expand the arena for dialogue to include other key stakeholders towards the implementation of all signed peace agreements alongside legal and constitutional reforms and the proposed shift to a federal Philippines.

Moro women leaders will play a central role in the project as enablers, beneficiaries, facilitators, and advocates. EnPolD will help raise the capacities of Moro women leaders in leadership, advocacy and consensus-building.

EnPolD will monitor, support, inform, and advocate the agreed peace infrastructure moving forward. It is only through meaningful political dialogues that the peace process and the relations, attitudes, and mindsets of key stakeholders can be transformed towards greater openness for inclusion, compromise, and cooperation.


MILAB Project

MILAB (read: "my love") is acronym for "Modelling Inter-LGU Alliance in Basilan" Project, an 18-month Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID)-funded project and implemented by the Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) in partnership with the Autonomous Regional Government (ARG) – Office of the Regional Governor (ORG), Cotabato City; Provincial Government of Basilan – Office of the Provincial Governor, Isabela City; and Municipal Governments of Lantawan, Maluso, Sumisip, Hadji Muhtamad and Tabuan Lasa; and with Zamboanga Basilan Integrated Development Alliance (ZABIDA), Zamboanga City, as a collaborating NGO partner.

Project Objective
To support the institutionalization of the Western Basilan Alliance (WBA) as an inter-LGU model in the pursuit of common local development agenda.

Specific Objectives

  • To generate deeper (vertical, through sectors) and wider (horizontal, across sectors) support for the WBA as platform for addressing common development agenda.
  • To enhance LGU capacity to pursue development efforts through the WBA platform.
  • To develop WBA capacity for data-driven and result-based program and project planning, development, implementation and management, monitoring and evaluation, and networking.

Expected Results

  • Involvement of local sectors and stakeholders in and feedbacking about WBA activities.
  • Improved LGU character (mindset, attitude) and competence (knowledge, skills) to pursue development efforts through the WBA platform.
  • Data-driven and result-based programming, project development and implementation.
  • Operational Alliance Management Office and Committees.

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