The Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) has congratulated 10 political parties for completing its three-course training series on Political Party Development. IAG cited the parties' dedication to building stronger, principled, inclusive, democratic, and citizen-rooted political parties as inspiring, adding that it looks forward to seeing the positive impact they will make in shaping the political landscape of the Bangsamoro region.


The final installment of the training course was held last week in Cotabato City and focused on developing a compelling political brand to reach target audiences, as well as a discussion of the political party registration process. Aspiring parties were briefed on the legal and practical requirements for registering a political party in the region, including the necessary documentation and procedures following the enactment of the Bangsamoro Electoral Code on 8 March 2023. The Bangsamoro Electoral Office also provided guidance and clarity for parties with concerns about forming and registering their own political parties.


IAG hopes that these political parties will register and participate in the democratic process, as it believes that political parties play a crucial role in representing the diverse values and principles held dear in parliament. The organization expressed its appreciation to the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for their partnership and support of the program.


Through its partnership with NDI, IAG seeks to provide space for dialogue between political parties, civil society, political and election experts to help shape major public policies and processes as a foundation for a strong party system in the BARMM Parliament. NDI, based in Washington D.C., is known for their groundbreaking work on strengthening and safeguarding democratic institutions, processes, norms, and values to secure a better quality of life for all peoples around the world.