In this paper, our Access Bangsamoro team provides a quick and general review of the Bangsamoro Expenditure Program (BEP) for FY 2022. A complete review of the BARMM budget, dissecting the issues and concerns of its expenditure program will be the subject of a further study once the BTA has released its approved budget. In the meantime, the succeeding sections present the sources of financing available to the Bangsamoro Government, the changes in allocation per ministry vis-a-vis the region’s budget for FY 2021, and the key program expenditures for FY 2022. Lastly, the paper ends by providing some recommendations to make the region’s budget responsive to the needs of the Bangsamoro people and its budget processes more transparent and participatory, based on the annual monitoring of BARMM budget by the Access Bangsamoro.
AB BARMM Budget 2022