GENERAL SANTOS CITY - At least 27 civil society groups and emerging political parties from all over the Bangsamoro participated in a validation workshop on the proposed provisions for inclusion in the Bangsamoro Electoral Code last 29-30 March 2021. The activity served as opportunity for them to fine-tune, draft, and collectively agree and finalize the political and electoral reforms they will be advocating for once the BTA presents to the public the draft electoral code.


The position paper, and later on a detailed policy paper, are products of a series of consultations, RTDs, workshops, and study groups with various Bangsamoro stakeholders such as CSOs, emerging parties, legal and electoral experts, BEO, BTA Members of Parliament, and election observers and monitors. A copy will be circulated to all participating organizations and will be published and popularized soon on IAG's website and social media channels.


Through the validation workshop, BARMM CSOs and emerging political parties were able to meet and brainstorm together to provide different perspectives and insights on the major reforms they would like to see incorporated in the Bangsamoro Electoral Code, a piece of legislation still being drafted by the BTA. The exchange of ideas through healthy debate facilitated trust-building among the participating groups. This helped enhance and validate the list of political and electoral reforms they will collectively and individually advocate for once the draft electoral code is presented to the public for consultations.


This is a culminating activity of the Political Party Building and Development Project implemented by IAG together with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy with support from the UK Government.