MANILA STANDARD TODAY (02 September) -- Government negotiators and representatives of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front failed to agree on two remaining issues to complete the talks, but both sides expect to sign a peace agreement before the end of the year, Presidential Peace Adviser Teresita Deles said on Sunday.



COTABATO CITY -- The Bangsamoro Transition Commission is leaving no stone unturned as it seeks to draft into law the gains of the peace talks between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

MINDANAO CROSS (12 August) -- The government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front have both assured that the spate of violent incidents in Central Mindanao, including Monday’s deadly roadside bombing in Cotabato City, will not affect the on-going GPH-MILF peace talks.

 PHILIPPINE STAR/26 August - The government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) have agreed to hold a 10-day formal talk next month to wind up discussions on the contentious power sharing and normalization parameters for a final GPH-MILF final peace deal.

We gather today at a turning point in the history of Mindanao—where this region’s complete transformation from the Land of Promise to the Land of Promises Fulfilled is close at hand. In the past, generations of Filipinos could only talk of the vast potential of Mindanao, but the next step—fulfilling that potential—always seemed elusive. 

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