In his sponsorship speech, Zubiri said the new proposed BBL will give Moro people the capability to assert their political and economic self-determination and pursue development programs according to their peculiar historical, cultural, religious and national identities | GMA News

Dureza encouraged the DELACSE Bangsamoro Project organizers to continue to be at the forefront in promoting genuine, dignified and sustainable peace for the Bangsamoro and the rest of the country.

MILAB, short for Modeling Inter-LGU Alliance for Western Basilan, is a pioneering LGU alliance building project with the municipal governments of Lantawan, Maluso, Sumisip, Hadji Muhtamad, and Tabuan Lasa in Basilan province.

Helping the people of the Bangsamoro understand government processes will ensure that they can participate in policy-making to address their needs and prevent political dynasties from exerting power over the region.

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