IAG Development Consulting Inc. (IDCI), IAG's affiliate firm starts its operations today.

DELACSE Bangsamoro’s first newsletter for Phase 2 is out! You’ll find snippets of what happened in the first few Basic Leadership Seminars, the turnout of the recently concluded plebiscite, and a directory of CSOs that have trained with DELACSE.

Muslim rebels who once fought for secession have been cleared to help run a new self-governing region in the southern Philippines, their leader said Wednesday, admitting that governance would present “another level of struggle” for long-time combatants | ABS-CBN News

The leader of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is now officially a government official after he assumed on Tuesday the leadership of the expanded autonomous region in southern Philippines.

IAG Executive Director Atty. Benedicto Bacani is clarifying a statement he made in a TV interview that “the place of the combatants in the Bangsamoro government is in normalization not governance and there is a need to tap the best and the brightest in the Bangsamoro whether they are members of the MILF or not so long as they pursue the reform and change agenda of the MILF". 

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