The President , no doubt, is sincere to reach a settlement in the Bangsamoro...

To be fair to President Benigno Aquino, III, he has stated categorically, from DAY ONE the following government policies: (a) Constitutional Change or amendment is NOT on the table; (b) the President believes that the Constitution is flexible enough in organizing the new autonomous political entity aka Bangsamoro; (c) the government is NOT promising anything that is NOT ‘doable and implementable’ during the remaining years of his term; and that any arrangement in the emergent Bangsamoro must be inclusive of all stakeholders.


While the President’s instruction is clear, the OPAPP and the Philippine Peace Panel might have NOT been forthright on the issue of the Constitution and Constitutional Processes. However, the Panel and OPAPP believe that all the ‘two legal standards’ are implicit since the mode accepted in making the agreement legal and binding is Congress by enacting the enabling BBL. Congress would NOT enact any law that is unconstitutional thus the enabling BBL is, inevitably, a constitutionally compliant one and it should pass any judicial scrutiny.


The MILF does NOT agree with his position…. The MILF believes that it has sacrificed enough and it cannot go outside the four corners of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro signed on 27 March 2014. Anything less from what has been already negotiated in the CAB appears NOT acceptable. Com. Bobby Maulana Alonto (a senior member of the MILF Peace Panel) has already articulated so….


So what is next...?


First step is to make the general public informed of all the facts and realities, including the original draft and the revised draft BBL.
Second is to study them and see what are the possibilities... to move forward... or at least we can move the conversation forward.
Third is to begin with forthrightness... we need to know the given, the parameters, the limits and the the possibilities for the present and for the future when we actually amend the Constitution in the future... (Fr. Jun Mercado, OMI via Facebook)